Do SEO Right and It Takes Your Site to the Next Level

Business Marketing

Business MarketingWant to know a little secret about how we were able to grow the traffic here at Different of Abaco?

Three little words… Search engine optimization.

That’s right, SEO has helped take our website to the next level by ranking high quality content in search engines like Bing and Google.

But it wasn’t easy. Here’s how we did it.

In-House vs. Agency

Many people want to take on the huge task of SEO by themselves. But we decided to hire a company to handle it for us.


Because they’re experts in it and we’re just a couple of website owners trying to make our own way.

So we went to a reputable SEO company and told them our goals – “rank us #1 in Google!” They said, well it’s a little more involved than that.

So we sat down with them and came up with a plan of attack for various keywords we wanted to target. If you want to learn more about who we decided to pick visit the site to check them out.

The Results

Online MarketingWe targeted several different keywords that related to what we do. And then we went on the journey of producing content around those terms.

Then the SEO company went to work, getting us optimized and building links for us.

3 months later – our traffic started to jump up. 6 months later, it spiked even more.

Needless to say, we were very excited. When we analyzed everything afterwards, we could say we say an increase in traffic over 150%!

Not too shabby for our first go-around in the search marketing world.

Where We’ll Go from Here

So because our first SEO campaign was so successful, we decided to continue down this road of marketing and promotion. The results we saw were just too good to stop here.

So we’re currently planning on creating new content around another set of keywords that we can use to rank higher in Google.

Of course, we won’t focus too much on Bing since their traffic numbers don’t even come close to that of Google.

How You Can Copy Our Results

If you’re interested in seeing the same type of results we did, you can too! All you have to do is put together an SEO plan.

Find some keywords you want to go after and then write some good articles about them. Then go reach out to other websites and try to get them to link to your website pages.

That’s basically it. Of course, that takes a lot of effort. Which is why we went with a pro SEO company instead of doing it ourselves. And we suggest you do the same!